This was my first cake for the Rose’s Heavenly Cakes Bake Through and I have to admit that this was a very simple cake to put together.  Just the kind of cake that I like for busy times when I have a million things to do and still need a dessert for dinner or to take to friends.  The only out of the ordinary step that this cake required was just a bit of advanced planning for the apples to steep for an hour before beginning to make the cake. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had all the necessary ingredients on hand so there was no having to run around finding things or trips to the store for a forgotten ingredient.  I baked on Saturday morning.  This was a busy weekend for me.  I peeled, cored and sliced the apples and mixed them with the brown sugar and lemon juice and set them aside.  Then I proceeded to get the rest of the mis en place together.  This all took no more than 20 minutes.  Then I went off to do my Saturday morning errands.   The grocery shopping, dry cleaning, banking, filling the car with gas, etc.

When I returned home I was ready to bake.  I drained the apples and boiled the juice with the remaining brown sugar and butter.  While the juices were boiling I prepared my pan.  I poured the finished juiced into the pan and arranged the apples.  Then set about making the cake batter.  This was a very simple batter and went together in a matter of minutes.   While I was preparing the batter I had my pizza stone set in the oven which was preheating.  I baked my cake in a convection oven and found that it took 35 minutes.  I didn’t make any adjustments in temperature as I have found that for cakes, lowering the temperature in my convection oven only leads to longer baking times.

Unfortunately, my other half was away on business for the weekend and had the camera so I had to snap a few shots using my cell phone camera.  Trust me, even with the regular digital camera the pictures would not have been good.


 Here is the cake as it emergered from the oven.  The magic strips really helped the cake to bake very level.  I always use them.




Here is the cake waiting to be unmolded.  The cake unmolded beautifully without any problems.




Here is the umolded cake.  I think using the baking stone really helped to get good carmelization on the apples.



And finally, here is the cake with its dusting of toasted walnuts.  I served the cake with the optional Bourbon Whipped Cream and I found that it was a perfect finish to this simple and flavorful cake.

On the whole, I was very pleased with this recipe, both in how simple it was to put together and how great it tasted.  I think I would like to try this one with peaches, pineapple, nectarines, plums, and maybe even pears.  To be honest, I enjoyed the cake so much that I may be tempted to just make the cake without the fruit just for snacking.   One benefit for me is that being diabetic in a house of diabetics, we often find it hard to have great tasting desserts.  Often I will bake a complicated cake and find that one small slice sends our glucose readings soaring.  The 3/4 cup of sugar in this recipe didn’t really have a big effect on the glucose readings but really delivered on taste which made it great for our househould.  I will definitely be making this one again.

Next up:  Shamah Almond Chiffon