servingIt doesn’t get much better than this.  Four ingredients, minimal prep work, the barest amount of hands on work and a result that is pure heaven.  These little cakes go together in no time and the hardest thing about them is waiting for them to set so you can dig in.  An added bonus for me was the tiny amount of sugar in these.  Being diabetic in a house of diabetics, desserts aren’t something that we keep around.  As a matter of fact, I have been bringing the results of this bake through to work.  Not so for these little beauties. With only 3 tablespoons of sugar in the entire recipe, we can all enjoy one of these little cakes.  Decadently rich and delightfully chocolatey.

I started by combining the chocolate, sugar and butter in a double boiler and allowing them to melt.  Then I put the mixture into a bowl to cool to room temperature.  While the chocolate was cooling I cracked the eggs into the work bowl of my Kitchen Aid and lightly beat them, then set them over a pan of simmering water and whipped them with a wire whisk until the mixture was hot to the touch.  Once they reached temperature I put the bowl on the mixer and whipped them for about 5 minutes until they had tripled in volume and were very light.  I folded the whipped eggs into the melted chocolate in two additions just until combined. 

melted chocolate

The melted chocolate, butter and sugar


The heated and whipped eggs

final batter

The completed cake batter

I placed my muffin pan on a rack in a roasting pan.  I filled the muffin pans with the prepared batter and set it in the preheat 425 degree oven. 


The filled pans ready for baking

I then added hot water to the bain marie until it was almost half way up the side of the muffin pan. I back the cakes for 5 minutes, then covered the muffin pan with an inverted 13×9 baking pan and baked them for another 10 minutes. 


The baked cakes just out of the oven

I then transfered the muffin pans, still on the rack to the counter top to cool for around 45 minutes.  I then put the cakes in the refrigerator to set up overnight.


A nice dessert stack

These are delicious with just a dusting of confectioners sugar.  When we ate this for dessert after Sunday dinner I actually made a nice orange sauce and some Creme Chantilly to go with them and they were incredible. Total decadence.


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