My sister was visiting from Ohio for Thanksgiving and I had a small dinner party for her while she was here.  While I was planning the dinner I kept trying to think what to have for dessert.  As we had just had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner I wanted something a bit different but still wanted the theme to be sort of holiday related.  I kept thinking about a pumpkin cheesecake and when I checked for this weeks Heavenly recipe, low and behold it was pumpkin cheesecake.  That sealed it, it certainly had to be a sign that this is what I should serve.

This was delicious.  I often times find cheesecake to be too heavy, I love it to pieces and never refuse a slice but then always wish I had because it is just too heavy.  This cheesecake was scrumptious with wonderful pumpkin flavor but at the same time it was silken and almost light.  I and my sister and guests truly enjoyed it and it will certainly become a part of the holiday traditions around my house.

This recipe was just a slight bit different from my go to cheesecake recipe.  The crust was simple with gingersnaps crumbs, a bit of sugar, pinch of salt, a handful of ground nuts and some butter.  It differed from my usual graham cracker crust in that it wasn’t baked first before the filling was put in.

Completed crust

The pumpkin filling was also simple to prepare and where my usual recipe is done in the stand mixer this was done in the food processor.  A small added step was the cooking of the pumpkin and sugar and just smelling it simmering on the stove I could tell that this was one step that was going to add that deep caramel flavor to the cake.  Once the pumpkin simmered a few minutes it was added to the workbowl with cream cheese, eggs, egg yolks, and cream.  It was mixed a bit to incorporate all the ingredients and then set in a water bath in the oven to bake.  My usual cheesecake doesn’t use a water bath but it has a much heavier batter and I don’t think it needs it.  The water bath helps to ensure that smooth velvety texture that this cake has.  Once baked, the cake rests in the oven for an hour to ensure the cake doesn’t crack and then comes to room temperature on a rack and is then refrigerated.

Baked cake

Making the caramel glaze was a simple process of caramelizing sugar, corn syrup and water until a deep amber and then adding warm cream, vanilla and butter and stirring until smooth. 

Decorated cake

After a large and satisfying meal, this etheral cheescake was the perfect finish and all my guests were very happy they saved room for dessert.

Next Up:  Fruitcake Wreath