I don’t have any holiday memories of gingerbread.  Coming from and Italian heritiage our christmas sweets were mostly made with honey and hazlenuts or almonds and lots of orange and lemon peel, even garbanzo beans but no gingerbread.  We didn’t even make gingerbread men.  As a matter of fact, I was well into my 20’s before I even had some authentic gingerbread but from that first piece I have always loved it.

This recipe I am astounded to say is totally straight forward.   No silly, annoying steps or strange measurements or heating and cooling instructions.  Just mix, stir, bake and eat.  I love it.  I am totally dumbstruck.   What am I going to complain about?  My readers have come to expect me to complain about something in Rose’s recipes each week and here I am with nothing.  It seems so strange to not be complaining by now.  Oh well,  consider it a Christmas gift, I am sure I ‘ll be back to complaining about something soon.

This recipe could not be simpler to put together.  The dry ingredients are mixed together.  The wet ingredients are combined and heated until the sugar melts.  The milk and eggs are whisked in and then the two mixtures are combined.  Then, into the pan, into the oven and 50 minutes later out comes yummy, moist, gooey tasty gingerbread.  The lemon glaze is a mystery to me.  Since this is my first attempt at gingerbread I have no clue whether this is authentic, traditional, a gimmick, optional or what but I do know that it is good.  This is just an honest to goodness simple cut off a piece and enjoy snack cake.  My advice to you is make this as soon as you can or get someone to make it for you but do enjoy it because it is great. 

The wet ingredients

The dry ingredients

The completed batter

I have been baking all week in preparation for my family to come from back east for the holidays.  I have stashed away all the traditional Italian holiday treats and some of my own personal favorites and this gingerbread was the last of the baking for this week.  It has been a week filled with wonderful smells and found memories but to be totally honest, now that I have finished the last of it I’m exhausted. 

Next weeks recipe is Holiday Pinecone and I would really like to do that one but with my family here and the holidays and friends dropping in I am not sure I will have the time to get to it but I will try my best to fit it in.  If I don’t I will certainly do it in the future and write about it here.

On monday the family arrives and all the eating and story telling can begin so with that I will close.  Merry Christmas everyone.

Next Up:  Holiday Pinecone