Merry Christmas everyone.  A few weeks back the Heavenly Bakers recipe of the week was Fruitcake Wreath.  I made two fruitcakes from Rose’s recipe and wrapped them in whiskey soaked cheesecloth to store for the holidays.  I also made my Aunt Marie’s White Fruitcake which is my family’s traditional holiday fruitcake. I said at the time that when I sliced them both on Christmas Eve my family would be the ones to decide which they like best.  Well, the votes are in and my aunt’s fruitcake was the hands down winner.  My parents flat out hated Rose’s recipe.  They said it was dry and crumbly and the fruit tasted artificial.  I didn’t think it was that bad although I did think it was a bit on the dry side and I found it a bit underwhelming considering that I had been soaking it for several weeks.  Would I make it again, absolutely, I think I just might change the fruit selection a bit and I would definitely buy the wreath pan that Rose recommends as everyone who used that pan seemed to have better luck with it.  With a house full of family and friends all this week I didn’t get around to making that pinecone cake but I will get to it.  Can’t wait to read how everyone else did with it.  Happy Holidays.