I have been lusting after this Heritage Bundt pan since I first saw it over a year ago.  When I first saw it on the Baking Bites blog I was under the impression that it was only available on the Williams Sonoma website.  I did find it there but didn’t buy it.  I later found it at the store when I was in there and still I didn’t buy it.  Everytime I go to Williams Sonoma I pick up the pan and carry it around while I shop and always find some reason why I don’t really need another pan and I always put it back.  Well, when I saw this weeks cake I knew the time had come for me to buy this pan.  This pound cake style cake is perfect for this beautiful pan.

I have to say this cake is perfection.  Just the kind of cake I love.  Quick and easy to make, not to sweet, no special ingredients and ready within the hour.  Terrific.  The cake is really easy to make.  It is one of those mix the dry ingredients, add the wet, stir and bake.  Nothing could be simpler.

To start I whipped the heavy cream into stiff peaks, added the egg/vanilla mixture and blended, then added the sugar and blended that in.  Then I folded in the dry ingredients in two additions and folded gently by thoroughly.  Then, into the prepared pan and into the oven and Voila.  Cake Heaven.  For those of you who are following my convection conversions, this cake took 3o minutes in a 350 degree convection oven and it tested perfectly done.

Cream whipped to stiff peaks

Completed batter

Ready to bake

 This cake is definitely in the heavenly category.  Rose did us all proud with this one.  It is so good it goes right to the top of my bake weekly list.  I had to make two of these this weekend, the first one was gone in an hour.  Everyone was eating it like there was no tomorrow.  I am in heaven.

Out of the oven



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