I looked at this cake as more of a construction job than anything else.  This week was very very hectic and I wasn’t feeling all that well so I wasn’t even sure that I was going to get this cake made.  I worked on it a bit each night and was stockpiling the components just in case I managed to get it all done by the weekend and could actually put the cake together.  As a consequence, I totally forgot about pictures so I don’t have any pictures of the process.  I do have a few of the construction which I will share.  It just hasn’t been a great week for my blogging or baking so I hope you enjoy what I present here.

I have to admit that the title of this post is a mis-nomer.  While I followed the recipe and the steps and techniques I did take artistic license with ingredients.  For weeks I have been scouring the farmers markets, hitting speciality produce markets, pestering grocery store produce managers, I called a few of my local chef friends and to no avail.  I simply could not find Seville Oranges.  I called a local citrus grower and was told that they didn’t grow them and didn’t know anyone who did.  Alas, I thought I would try to substitute Seville Orange Marmalade which I did have.  Then I thought, I already bought the blood oranges that Rose calls for for the zest so I decided that I would just use them.

One night I made the Golden Genoise, which I have to admit that I totally love and it has become one of my go to standards when I need to compose a dessert cake like this.  It is so light and delicious and so easy I can have it together in 30 minutes from start to in the oven.  As I stated earlier, I followed the recipe but substituted blood orange juice for the elusive Seville Oranges.  Once the curd was finished and I tasted it I thought it was good but a bit sweet but when I added the zest, oh my goodness, the aroma that wafed up to my nostrils was heavenly.  It was truly delicious and I wasn’t the least bit sorry I couldn’t find the Seville Oranges.  The only drawback was the odd pink color of the curd but one taste and that is no longer an issue.  I made the ganache and orange syrup on Saturday and composed the cake on Saturday afternoon for a get together on Sunday.

I just cut the genoise layer in half, brushed both halves with the orange syrup, put the curd in the center and sandwiched the layers together and then frosted them with the ganache.  I didn’t bother with the dried orange slices since it was a busy week and I really didn’t care for the way they looked in the book.  I opted for fresh blood orange slices.

The odd colored Blood Orange curd

The chocolate ganache

The completed cake was delicious and everyone enjoyed it.   If I ever manage to find some Seville Oranges I will try this with them but for now I am enjoying it with the blood oranges.  I am also thinking about trying it with Pink Grapefruit curd.  At any rate everyone loved it and so did I.

Next Up: Double Chocolate Valentine