I couldn’t wait to make this cake.  As soon as I saw it on the coming up list my mouth started to water and I was so tempted to make it instead of one of the other cakes.  I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.  My favorite cake of all time is lemon pound cake.  I have a delicious one that also incorporates sour cream so when I saw this cake with lemon, sour cream and poppy seeds, you can imagine how my taste buds were screaming for me to make it right away.  It took every bit of self control to not make it weeks ago and devour it all.

Then I made a really big mistake and promised my neighbor that I would do a cake for her book club.  Imagine how crazed I was when I found out that her book club was this week.  I was in anguish but a promise is a promise.  I just kept telling myself that the cake is easy and I’ll just make another one.  Well, that worked until I pulled this cake out of the oven and that heavenly aroma hit me.  It was all I could do to keep from just ripping pieces off the cake and eating it by the handfull.  I thought who needs this syrup, I want this cake now.  I had to get myself in hand and finish the cake.  By the time I got the cake out of the pan I knew that there was no way I was going to be able to wait so I had to make another one for myself.  Unfortunately, I had used all my poppy seeds but just as Rose says at the beginning of the recipe, the cake IS fabulous without them.  Just let this be a warning, this cake is dangerous.  One whiff and there is no telling what you might do to get a slice.

The cake is an exercise in simplicity.  The liquid ingredients are mixed together, the dry ingredients mixed, then the liquid ingredients added and the batter is ready to go in the pan and into the oven.  45 minutes later you are ready for total cake heaven.  When the cake comes out of the oven it is poked with holes and half of the lemon syrup is brushed on.  The cake cools for about 10 minutes and is unmolded and the rest of the syrup is brushed on and the cake cools completely.  The syrup makes the cake super moist but to be honest, I think the cake would be fantastic without it.  I may have to try that next time because it will be a little less time I have to wait for my first slice.

I was preparing for some out of town company this week and was doing several things at once while I was baking this cake.  It wasn’t until I pulled the cake out of the oven that I realized that I had completely forgotten to take any pictures so all I have are pictures of the completed cake.  Hope you can forgive my oversight.

Just out of the oven. Really hard to resist


Dusted with confectioners sugar


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