Back in the late 60s and early 70s my mom used to make a bundt cake she called Pistachio Nut Cake.  It was a typical 60’s housewife cake made with a cake mix and Jello Pistachio pudding.  It had a layer of nuts in the center and was a really strange green color because of the pudding mix.  It was one of our favorites and I remember my mom made it all the time and I would snack on it when I would come home from school and watch the escapedes of Barnabas Collins on Dark Shadows.  I spoke to my mom last Sunday and I was telling her about this cake and low and behold she said that she had just made a Pistachio Nut Cake and it was on the counter cooling and she and my dad were going to have it later for dessert.  I couldn’t believe that 30 some years later and she was still making that cake.  Then I asked her to send me the recipe.

I always refer to cakes like this as “It can’t possibly be” cakes.  What I mean by that is, the cake is so easy to make that it can’t possibly be any good.  But, Rose keeps surprising me with these cakes.  We have had several lately.  Whipped Cream Cake, the Lemon Poppyseed Cake.  All so easy they couldn’t possibly be any good, and yet they are fantastic.  This one is no exception.  It conjured up memories of my mom’s Pistachio Nut Cake, even though it is much more sophisicated.

This cake was so easy to put together that I swear it took me longer to assemble the ingredients than it did to actually make the cake.  Pretty amazing for a cake that tastes this good.  I found this cake to have a very subtle nut flavor.  I am not sure if my nuts were just not very strong or what but I found it totally delicious with that subtle pistachio hint.  To put it together, the liquid ingredients are mixed.  The dry ingredients are mixed.  Butter and sour cream are beaten in, then the liquid ingredients are added in a few additions and that’s it.  Way to easy to taste this good.

The completed batter

The cake ready to bake

The baked cake

I know that I have complained in the past that Rose’s frostings are often difficult to make and tricky to work with.  Such is not the case with this buttercream.  It went together in no time flat and I have to say it was a dream to work with.  I found that it had the perfect texture to spread and was heaven to pipe.  I also suffer from hot hand syndrome so I am always having to put my piping bags in the refrigerator to chill as I work because the heat from my hands melts the frosting.  I didn’t have that problem with this buttercream.  I finished the whole cake without once having to chill a bag.  This may become my new go to buttercream.  And it was delicious.  I can see all sorts of possiblilites for flavoring this buttercream. 

The cake with a crumb coat

Almost finished

The egg yolks were beaten until light in color.  Meanwhile a sugar syrup is made and beaten into the egg yolks.  The mixture is beaten until it is cool.  Then the butter and flavorings are added and thats it.  Instant heaven.  I will definitely be making this cake many many more times.  I loved it.


Next Up:  Peanut Butter Ingots