I knew these were going to be delicious.  How could anything be made with peanut butter and not be delicious?  And, in spite of my always complaining about specialty pans I actually broke down and bought a specialty pan for these.   I figured they were going to be good and I would be making them often so that would make this a regular pan and not a specialty pan.  I also noticed that there were several recipes in the book that used this pan so I figured it would be worth it.

This was another of those recipes that takes longer to gather the ingredients than it does to make the cake.  Well, maybe not quite.  In this one we had to make a beurre noisette but that is hardy work and it is so delicious that who would mind making it.  We also had to toast and then grind the almonds but that isn’t anything either and I got to christen my new food processor so that was good.  So, after making the beurre noisette and toasting the almonds, you grind the almonds with the sugar and then pulse in the flour.  Egg whites are whipped until they are just foamy and then the flour/sugar/nut mixture is whipped in.  Then the beurre noisette is dribbled in and then the peanut butter.  What could be easier than that?  I was totally surprised at the amout of peanut butter flavor that these had considering there was only 3 tablespoons of peanut butter in them.  It is amazing what a fantastic flavor came from the beurre noisette, almond, peanut butter combination.  You can definitely tell they are peanut butter but yet it is subtle and rich and deep and smooth all at the same time.  These were truly a revelation to me.  They went right on my bake often list.  In fact, this is probably a bake weekly recipe.

I did have one slight problem with this recipe.  The recipe says that it makes 16 ingots.  Well, once I was finished with the batter it didn’t look like it would even make the 8 ingots that my pan made.  Once I filled that pan I had to adjust each mold as there really didn’t seem to be enough batter to go around.  Well, I reread the measurements on the financier mold in the recipe and low and behold.  My molds were all 1/2 inch wider and longer than Roses mold.  No wonder there wasn’t enough batter.  I baked them and they were fine.  (See pictures).  I knew instantly that there was a work around for this.  As soon as they were out of the oven I went back to work and made another batch only this time I quadrupled it.  Now even I got the 16 I was supposed to have.  Given how good these are I should probably get another pan and always make lots more.


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