I have to admit that I am clueless when it comes to Jewish holidays.  I have a general idea of what the holiday is about but I know virtually nothing about the traditions and rituals so I am going to take you at your word when you say that the last few recipes we have made are great for Passover.  I will say that if these recipes are great for Passover then it is a holiday that must involve some really great food.

This recipe was right up my alley.  Easy to prepare, not alot of sugar which makes it good for my diabetic family and of course, delicious. I loved the richness of the toasted nuts accented with just a slight hint of bitterness brought by the espresso powder.  This is perfect for afternoon snacking or with coffee or tea as well as a nice dessert. 

Making the cake is simple.  Toasted nuts are ground with sugar until fine.  Egg yolks and sugar are beaten to the ribbon stage and then the nut mixture is folded in.  Egg whites are beaten until until soft peaks form, then sugar is added and they are beaten until stiff peaks form.  The egg whites are folded into the yolk/nut mixture and the batter in poured into the prepared springorm pan and baked.  Mine baked for 30 minutes at 325 degrees in my convection oven.

The cake is adorned with a lovely coffee infused whipped cream which adds a nice smoothness without being overly sweet.  No further adornment is necessary for this lovely dessert. 


I’m a bit rushed this week due to the holiday so it is a short post. 

Happy Easter everyone.

Next Up:  Banana Refrigerator Cake