I love white cake, I think it has to be my all time favorite.  My mom always made one called Silver White cake that she got out of the Betty Crocker cookbook and I loved it as a child.  My baking teacher Amy Malone did the one for the Time-Life book on cakes and it is still my go to white cake.  When we did wedding cake classes together she would always make a small one for me to take home because she knew I liked it so much.  Later, when I was doing wedding cakes, I always had it on hand in the freezer for samples and for me to snack on.  This version is excellent,  light and not too sweet and ready to take on a myriad of contrasting flavors.  In this case strawberry.  Like many of the cakes we’ve made this one is very simple so let’s get right to it. 

White chocolate is melted and set aside.  Egg whites, 1/3 cup milk and vanilla are whisked in a small bowl and set aside.  In the bowl of a stand mixer, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt are mixed on low until blended.  Then butter and 1 cup of milk are added.  This is mixed on low until the dry ingredients are moistened, then the speed is raised to medium and the batter mixed for a minute and a half.  The egg mixture is gradually added in three additions, beating for 20 seconds between additions to strengthen the structure.  The white chocolate is added and beaten until incorporated.  The batter is poured into the prepared pans and baked.  

Adding the butter

Mine was done after 30 minutes at 325 degrees convection.  One odd thing about this cake which we have seen a few other times is that it calls for us to make two cupcakes.  The last time we did this I felt that my cake didn’t have enough batter and was too short.  I skipped the cupcakes this time and I still felt that I could have used a bit more batter for the 9 inch pans.  The next time I am going to try this cake using all the batter in two 8 inch pans and see what I get.  I still don’t get this make 2 cupcakes thing.  Any ideas anyone? 

I have to admit that I was sort of dreading this cake.  Not because I didn’t think it would be good or that it was difficult but because of the mousseline.  As any of you who have been following me know, I am not a big fan of Rose’s frostings.  I have had my share of problems with these frostings, especially her buttercream and mousselines.  I really dreaded the thought of having to deal with another one of them. Plus I had already read some advanced warning that the glaze for this cake was a nightmare to work with.  Just what I needed to test my already non-existent patience, a mousseline and a temperamental glaze.  Well, I figured that even if it didn’t work I’d still have the delicious white cake and I could complain like hell to all of you about it on here so I dove in.  Imagine my surprise when the Strawberry mousseline actually worked.  I was stunned.  Not only did it work perfectly the first time but it didn’t take forever to make and it was totally delicious. Rose, I apologize for all my prior complaining about your frostings.  This one was a winner. 

Butter is beaten until smooth and then set aside.  Egg whites are whipped until foamy and then cream of tartar is added and they are whipped until soft peaks form, then sugar is gradually added and they are whipped until stiff peaks form. 

The beaten butter

Stiffly beaten whites

Sugar and water are combined and heated until the sugar dissolves.  The mixture is boiled to the firm ball stage and then it is added to the meringue in three additions, whipping between each addition.  Next, the creamed butter is whipped for several minutes until light in color.  The meringue is added to the butter and whipped until incorporated.  Then the strawberry butter and vanilla are added and incorporated and Voila, perfect strawberry mousseline.  Who would have believed it? 

On to the chocolate glaze.  I had my doubts about this one too and I admit that it does set rather quickly so you have to work fast but nothing even close to the nightmare I was expecting.  Unsweetened and dark chocolate and butter are melted in a double boiler, light corn syrup and vanilla are stirred in and there you have it.  Chocolate glaze. 

Two layers done

All layers filled

The two cake layers are split and a layer of strawberry butter and then a layer of mousseline are added between each layer. I reversed Rose’s order here because I prefer the jam like fillings to be next to the cake.  Then the entire cake is enrobbed in the chocolate glaze.  There you have it, delicious chocolate covered strawberry cake.  Certainly something for everyone in this little gem.  Don’t be afraid, give it a try.  If I can have success with mousseline given my history with them, anyone can.  Dive right in, you won’t be sorry. 

The glazed cake

The final cake


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