I had every intention of making this weeks cake.  I bought all the ingredients and was all set to bake and then the more I read through this recipe the more I realized that I had no desire to make it or eat it. We have already made a pineapple upside down cake, which, if I recall I wasn’t all that fond of.  I just couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for this cake.  I was however intrigued by the brioche which I have made a few times but am always trying new recipes for since I loved it so much for breakfast in France.  I decided that I would indeed make the brioche even if I was blowing off the actual cake. 

This was an easy, straight-forward type of bread dough although I have to wonder if this is really classic brioche as most brioche I have seen and made is made in brioche molds and not in a loaf pan as this was.  A starter of water, sugar, yeast, flour and egg is mixed together and then  added to more flour, sugar, yeast, salt, eggs and butter. 

This is allowed to rise and then is deflated and allowed to rise again.  I started this a few days ahead of when I was going to bake so I put it in the refrigerator to rest.  

Ready to shape the dough

Ready to go in the oven

 On baking day I took it out and brought it to room temperature.  I formed the loaf, put it in the pan and allowed it to rise in the pan.  Then I glazed it with beaten egg and baked it at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.  



While I wouldn’t call the loaf a classic broiche shape, I did find that this tasted every bit as good as the golden brioche I had for breakfast in Paris.  Delicious toasted with rich European butter.  Enjoy!! 



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