I have been looking forward to this weekend for months because this is the first weekend of the Gutsy Cooks Club.  Several months ago Monica from SweetBites asked me if I wanted to participate in a new club she was forming which would be a change from the other baking groups I’m part of.  This one was going to be savory baking and it was going to consist of a full menu each week.  I figured, what the heck, you have to make dinner anyway, why not try something new every week.  So, here I am making my first Gutsy Cooks menu.  Monica selected the first months menu and this one is especially easy and very, very tasty.

In spite of the intense flavors from these two dishes, they couldn’t be any easy to make so they are perfect for a busy weekend supper and perfect for party and cocktail fare as well.  For the wings,  I simply put them in a plastic bag, added salt and pepper and shook them up.  I used my mini-prep processor to whizz up the easy BBQ sauce and then added it to the plastic bag, rubbed it into the wings and set them in the refrigerator until I was ready to bake them.  I have to admit that I am not a very big wing fan but my family is so in the bag with the wings wenta couple of chicken

 breasts for us non-wing people.  This sauce would also be great on grilled veggies and even a hearty pasta dish.  The dip is totally simple.  Add the few ingredients to a bowl, stir and chill.  Done. 

The skins involve a bit more time but not much more effort.  Wash and bake the potatoes.  Slice off the top, scrape the potato into a bowl and mash.  Add the other ingredients and stir, refill the skins and bake a bit more until done.  And boy are they good.  My family had to fight me for these gems I have to say.  Let’s face it, if it has cheese and bacon how can it not be good.  Give them both a try soon.