I really love these types of recipes because they are so adaptable to other ingredients.  The parmesan in this roulade can easily be exchanged for gutsy Romano or a mellow Gruyere or Parmesan and Grana Podana.  The Ricotta can be spiced up with oregano or basil or dried tarragon or dill.  The arugula can easily be exchanged for endive or peppers or asparagus tips.  Whatever you like or happen to have on hand.  This is such an easy dish to make for lunch, tailgate parties, picnics or even cocktail fare.  It goes great with wine or cocktails and even beer.  You can even fill it with your favorite meats to make it even more savory.  Such a versatile dish and oh so easy to prepare.  You can even do it the day before and keep it in the refrigerator so no last minute work.  My other half hates arugula so I went with the spinach and sun dried tomato variation.  I used fresh baby spinach and I of course tripled the amount of sun dried tomatoes that the recipe called for since we like them so much around this household.  It was delicious.  I used it as a side dish with some smoked sausage and baby fingerling potatoes and then we are having the leftovers for lunch today with a nice green salad. 

I was surprised by the Quindim. I had no idea what it was and was surprised to find out that it was a Brazilian specialty.  I love a nice baked custard but I am not really very fond of coconut.  This used so few ingredients and took so little effort to make that I decided to go for it and had it put together and ready to bake as soon as the roulade came out of the oven.  I liked the creamy texture of the custard and I found that since there wasn’t really very much coconut in it other than smooth coconut milk that I even found that taste pleasant.  I did find it a bit on the sweet side so it is not something I would make often but since the ramekins are fairly small you don’t go into sugar shock with just one small serving.  Definitely worth trying at least once.