I don’t know what it was this week but practically everything I made reminded me of my mom and being in her kitchen watching her cook and all the fabulous, homey, comforting meals she made for us when we were growing up.  Angelfood cake with fruit and stew and polenta.  All these foods she used to just turn out like it was nothing.  No recipes, no measuring.  Just toss them together and they were always spectacular.  Then here comes these profiteroles.  My mom was famous for hers only she called them cream puffs and she filled them with a heavenly, light and very rich vanilla custard and then dusted them with powdered sugar.  I can’t tell you how often I crave them and find myself in my own kitchen making them using her old handwritten recipe and reliving those wonderful times in my mom’s kitchen waiting for them to be ready to eat.  Who said you can’t go home again? 

These were really good and very very easy.  My mom’s cream puffs only in a smaller size.  Opened and filled with delicious pumpkin ice cream.  I made the David Lebovitz  recipe.  I have made it several times and find that it is tasty and rich without being overly sweet the way some store bought pumpkin ice creams can be.  As for the caramel sauce, I just boiled down the sugar and water until it was a deep amber color and added some cream and stirred it into glorious creamy smooth goodness.   While these didn’t quite taste as good to me as my mom’s giant cream puffs they were heavenly and I wouldn’t hesitate to  make them over and over.  Just fill them with any flavor ice cream you want.  Mint for Christmas,egg nog for New Years, raspberry for valentines day.  These will take you all through the year.  Enjoy