I had a bit of trouble trying to decide what to do with this weeks menu.  I personally am not a big lover of fish.  At least, I am not a lover of making it at home.  Since I really don’t like cooking fish at home I generally save eating fish for when we go out to dinner and then I experiment with trying different kinds of fish.  When I told my family what this weekes menu was I knew there was going to be different opinions.  None of us are huge fish eaters and absolutely no one in my family likes fish with tomato sauce so there was some discussion. It was eventually decided that I wouldn’t do the fish at all since everyone seemed to be in agreement that they wouldn’t like it. 

I did however know that I was going to like this vegetable tortilla.  Loaded with vegetables and so easy to make as well as very filling.  It is a great luncheon dish with a crisp green salad and crusty bread.  Tonight we had it as a side dish with grilled chicken and  butter lettuce.  Tomorrow morning a slice will make a terrific filling breakfast before the gym and it will certainly fill the bill for a quick, filling lunch at my desk at the office.    This is definitely a winner at my house.  Another great thing about this tortilla is that you can change it to suit your mood or taste.  Change the vegetables, add more or less, toss in some wonderful cheese. The options are endless and always very good.  Enjoy. 

Cooking potatoes and onions

The mixed vegetables and eggs

Gentle cooking