I have to admit that I am not a great lover of lamb. I never really had much of it growing up.  We would have it on Easter when my grandmother would tell us it was beef to get the kids to eat it. I always that it tasted spoiled and didn’t like it.  My father hated it so my mom never made it.  Once into adulthood and with a much more sophisticated palette I started trying it again.  While it no longer tasted like spoiled beef to me it still seemed to have an off taste that just didn’t appeal to me so it was reserved for ordering at fancy restaurants and not all that often. I hesitated this time as well. I was going to do the tagine with beef since we love this kind of food at my house.  My other half loves lamb and I have ventured into cooking it but it still is not one of my favorites.  While I was doing the shopping for this week the lamb look especially good. Nice and pink and very meaty so I decided to give it another shot.  I am very glad that I did.  This was delicious.  I am not sure if it was the spices, or the slow cooking or just really good lamb but I loved it.  The meat was tender and juicy and didn’t  have any of that off taste that I usually associate with lamb.  The spices were warm and flavorful and all the couscous just soaked up all of those rich cooking juices.  We eat couscous all the time. I like it as an alternative to potatoes or rice and it seems to go well with everything.

The tabbouleh as well is no stranger in my house.  We have eaten it for many years and it was a pleasant treat to have it again as I seem to have abandoned it for a while lately.  I made a double batch of it for snacking and lunches this week.  It was truly a lovely, hearty and very tasty meal.