Growing up in an Italian household, minestrone was a staple in my house. My mom made it at least once a week.  I always loved it, there is something that just screams home about it.  The rich stock and the pot simmering with all the vegetables and then the meaty beans and the tender pasta.  It was always a treat for me or my sister to pick out what shape of pasta we wanted in our soup.  Sometimes it was elbows or ditalini or when we were really small,   or shells or farfalle.  The vegetables were always whatever was fresh in the garden or in winter what was the best in the produce section.  In summer we might have zucchini or summer squash.  There was always the sofritto trio of carrot, onion and celery.  Fresh or canned tomatoes, white canellini beans or sometimes red kidneys or tasty great northern.  It was one of those clean out the vegetable bin soups and we all loved it.  I still love it today and this recipe is no exception.  It is homey and filling and just plain delicious.  Perfect for this time of year.

It seemed kind of a sin to go shopping for roast beef when I have a refrigerator filled with Thanksgiving leftovers.  I still have turkey and stuffing and gravy and mashed potatoes and yams and green beans.  I even have a huge pot of turkey stock made from the turkey carcass ready to be turned into turkey noodle soup.  So, you see it was silly to go out and by a beef tenderloin with all that food in the house.  That being said, it is only 2 days after Thanksgiving and I am almost at my limit for turkey leftovers.  With that in mind I dug into the freezer and came out with a beef round top sirloin roast.  I decided to skip paying the high price of a tenderloin and still treat my family to roast beef by using what I already had in the house.  This roast look wonderful, nice and meaty and nicely marbled.  I thought it would work perfectly in this recipe, and it did.  I had to adjust the cooking time a bit since this roast needed a bit longer cooking.  It wasn’t as tender as a tenderloin and needed to slower and longer roasting but since it cooks in the oven unattended by me that was not a problem.  

I think red currants are one of the most sensuous of fruits and I think I love just about anything that has them in it so this jus caught my attention.  It was truly delicious and was a wonderful accompaniment for this flavorful roast.  All in all a fantastic menu and a much needed break from turkey.