I couldn’t have been thinking very clearly way back when, when I chose this menu.  After all that turkey in the past few weeks I chose to make Chicken a la King.  Well, when I started in to make this recipe I kept thinking I was crazy to want more poultry so soon and thought it might be a good idea to just do the sides and chose another main course.  I sm so glad I decided to go ahead and make this.   It is one of those homey dishes that puts you in mind of long holiday weekends, and high school football games and hanging out with your friends.  Perfect for a chilly weeknight or a fast and easy supper after a long day of holiday shopping.  This dish is full of hearty chunks of juicy chicken and nice crispy, colorful vegetables all enrobed in a rich, creamy white sauce enhanced with chicken stock.  I just made the recipe for Turkey a la king and substituted chicken.  The chicken variation suggested using different vegetables but I preferred the red and green bell peppers and mushrooms.  All in all this was fantastic, filling and delicious.

I was intrigued by the kasha pilaf.  I love starchy sides but am trying to get more whole grains into our diet and a break from the rice, pasta, potato syndrome.  This looked good and with a closer examination of  the recipe also gives way to lots of variations.  I enjoyed this recipe as is but I also thought it could have used just a bit more of a flavor boost.  Next time I am going to try adding some dried cranberries or cherries and some dried apricots and maybe some orange zest,  just for a bit more punch.  It is a simple recipe to put together and it makes a nice big portion so you can have it with several meals.  I also think it would make a nice filling for a pita bread sandwich with whatever leftover meats you might have on hand.

On to the spinach timbales.  I have to admit I have a weakness for these little molded sides.  Whenever I see a recipe for any kind of molded, puddinglike vegetable dish, I have to try it at least once.  I am happy to say that I have added this one to my make often list.  I found these to be loaded with flavor. I am a spinach lover but sometimes find plain cooked spinach to be rather bland.  Many times I want spinach but am not in the mood for plain cooked spinach or spinach salad.  This fills the bill nicely with a rich eggy batter and a silky smooth texture.  This recipe called for serving the timbales with a salad but since I was serving the pilaf I opted to forgo the greens but serving this with the dressed greens and some crust bread would make a lovely summer luncheon dish.  Enjoy.