I have really been surprised by how much I have been enjoying the menus from this book.  Not all have been real winners with me but for the most part I have enjoyed practically every dish from every menu.  What I think I like the most is the fact that these recipes are fairly scaled down, they don’t call for a lot of exotic ingredients and they can almost all be prepared in 30 minutes or less which makes them great for weeknight dinners, even when you really feel like just ordering take out.  This weeks menu was no exception.

I make pork and pork chops alot as it is a favorite of N’s.  We do have an ongoing argument about chops.  N prefers these bone in loin chops claiming that they have more flavor and are moister.  I’ll give in on the flavor aspect, I also feel they are very flavorful but I much prefer the center cut boneless loin chop.  I just feel it has a lot less waste and I think if handled properly, it can be very moist as well.  No matter what you choose, these chops were delicious.  I love the idea of stuffed meats and stuffed pork chops have always been a favorite of mine.  This one with bleu cheese, pecans and apples was very tasty.  I thought the cooking method was a bit strange,  just broiling them.  I would have thought a quick saute to brown them and then under the broiler but I did follow the recipe this first time and while I had to broil them a bit longer than the recipe states, I found them to be very moist and juicy.

I love potato galettes.  I think they are delicious as a luncheon dish with just a green salad.  I was looking forward to this one all day but I have to admit I was a bit taken back when I read the recipe.  I was expecting the usual thinly sliced potatoes simmering in the pan with herbs and loads of butter but this is more like a giant latke.  I reminded me of the potato cakes we used to make for Sunday breakfast with leftover mashed potatoes.  No matter, I thought it was marvelous.  I loved the onion (I used shallot) and loads of fresh fine herbs.  It was very easy to make (It can be made hours ahead and reheated) and was full of earthy flavors.  Perfect with these chops.

On to the green vegetable.  I didn’t really plan to well in choosing these green beans.  The recipe called for snow peas and I never even thought that they were not quite in season in December since I always seemed to be able to find them.  No such luck this week.  All my usual green grocers told me the same thing, too early.  My asian source at the farmers market did have lovely snow pea shoots which I bought and was going to use but then he also had some beautiful sugar snaps so I opted for those and the snow pea shoots will go into tomorrow nights stir fry.  The seasame=ginger dressing on these beans was incredible.  I will definitely be making that dressing and these beans again and again.  Enjoy.