I am constantly amazed by this book.  When I first got it for the club I was a but disappointed, I thought it was rather simple and the recipes, while encompassing many world cuisines, seemed so over simplified that I didn’t think that they would really be all that good.  Wrong.  Yes, these menus are very simplified, many of them only have 3-4 steps but they certainly do deliver on taste. I certainly wouldn’t pull out this book for a fancy dinner party but it is great for everyday meals when you want some variety and loads of flavor without a lot of work, and who wants that at the end of the workday.  This is one book everyone needs to have on the shelf.  Keep it in the kitchen and refer to it often.

I wish this soup had been on the menu last week when I was sick with the flu. I may have hauled myself into the kitchen to make it and it’s warm and spicy flavors would certainly have hit the spot while I was under the weather.  The hardest part is slicing a few onions and the most time consuming part is browning the meat.  It delivers on taste with caraway, cayenne and cloves and the combination of those with the meaty chuck and the long slow simmering are comfort food at it’s down home best.  A whole lot of flavor for very little effort.  This ones a keeper.

I love these kinds of potato dishes that I can just imagine came from some country cook trying to use up leftovers.  These can certainly be made with leftover mashed potatoes.  The addition of the parmesan adds an earthiness and the egg yolk for richness all make a simple and satisfying side dish. You can experiment with other additions such as parsley, chives, scallions.  They do call for a lot of seasoning as the potatoes seem to soak it up.  I doubled up on the salt and put in loads of freshly ground pepper and they were marvelous.


Since I made profiteroles a while back with the Avid Bakers I opted to skip those this week although they certainly are simple enough to put together quickly and I don’t think I know a soul who doesn’t love them.  I’ll revisit them another time.