I must admit that I am not very fond of seafood, and I am not a great lover of shellfish, but I especially do not like shrimp.  I don’t know what it is but there is something about the texture of these little creatures that just screams to me, that I shouldn’t be eating it.  I dislike shrimp so much that I have to admit that even cleaning these things to make this dish had my stomach doing flip flops.  However, shrimp are a great favorite around my house so I took a deep breath and dove in.

I thought it was an interesting recipe.  The shrimp are handled almost in a ceviche style.  They are marinated in lime juice and minced chile peppers so they emerge practically cooked, to be added to the savory onions and cream and cheese for a final run under the broiler to warm everything through and brown the cheese and the shrimp get that final pink color and a bit of a toasty edge. 

I sat down to dinner with every intention of at least tasting this dish but after several failed attempts to even get it close to my mouth without my stomach turning over I finally gave up, admitted that I am a shrimp hater and always will be and left the eating of the dish to everyone else.  I was told that it was very good, had a nice spiciness that went very well with the shrimp but didn’t overpower it.  I will just have to take everyone’s word for it.

I didn’t do the Key Lime Pie since no one in my house is especially fond of it.  I had a dessert from the Heavenly Bakers so I didn’t really need another sweet in the house.  I may revisit it at a later time.