This is one of those great kitschy retro recipes from the 60’s like grasshopper pie, baked alaska and mud slide pie that everyone seems to be revisiting these days.  This one is definitely worth a second look.  It’s the kind of dessert your mom would make for fancy dinner parties where she probably served Steak Diane in a chafing dish of Chicken Kiev.  As your making it you can almost see your mom, an apron covering her best sheath dress and pearls getting ready to make the grand presentation to the dinner guest and all of them oohing and ahhing all over it, without a care in the world about the thousands of calories one slice of it would bring.  Those were the days, and these are the days with this great pie.

The pie has several steps to assembly but none of them take more than 15 minutes to do and all of them except the final whipped cream flourish can be done ahead and kept until you are ready for assembly.  The crust can be made weeks ahead and frozen until needed.  If you really don’t want to be bothered with it,  just make the chocolate pudding filling and dollop it with some plain whipped cream and you will be in seventh heaven.  What a fantastic visit back to those glory days when big gooey desserts were the norm and calories, cholesterol and fat content were not a concern.  Let’s get back into our peddle pushers and high top keds and enjoy another slice, just this once.  Go ahead, you deserve it.