This is going to be a fairly short post this week.  It seems that there were so many extra things that needed my attention this week that I wasn’t sure I was even going to get around to baking.  On top of that, my computer was infected by some new virus which my anti-virus software didnt’ detect.  After several days of fiddling, and numerous phone calls to technical support, followed by more fiddling and lord knows how many extra fees I had to  pay, I am happy to report that my computer is once again my own.  By the time I got into the kitchen I wasn’t even sure I really felt like baking.  I decided to forgo my usual tirade against cupcakes and just get on and make them.  This was a typical Rose cake formula, the only thing different was the addition of sour cream to the batter which we have done several times.  I thought this cake was delicious.  A nice, moist, tender crumb with loads of rich chocolate flavor without being cloying or dense.  Again, I would rather just make it as a single layer cake.  I thought that the addition of the ganache and caramel made these way too sweet for my taste.  I am sure that children would love this sort of thing, to me, they made my teeth hurt.  I would have prefered the cupcakes with just a bit of sweetened whipped cream.  I also decided to forgo the turtle decorations, I just found that way too cutesy.  I just filled them with the ganache, added a dollop of the caramel and then a walnut and some cocoa nibs. They are certainly nothing to look at but what they lack in visual appeal, they certainly make up for in taste.


Next Up:   Quail Egg Indulgence Cake