Who doesn’t like a risotto?  No one that I can think of.  It is Italian comfort food.  It is the thing your Italian grandmother made for you instead of macaroni and cheese when you stayed over at her house.  The memories that risotto conjure up are magical.  The simmering broth, the sizzling rice and all those wonderful add ins.  The great thing about risotto (other than the incredible taste) is that anything can become a risotto.  Some stock, a bit of rice and then whatever you have on hand and in a few minutes, you have dinner.  The last of the asparagus, that leftover handful of peas, the ends of the beef roast.  Whatever you have just seems to magically work in risotto.  This one is delicious.  What could be better than mushrooms?

I took a few liberties with this dish.  On top of the crimini’s I also added some portobellos as I like their rich meaty texture.  I sautéed them in butter and then added a splash of Madeira and let them simmer in it until they absorbed all the wine.  With the rice, I chose to use beef stock instead of vegetable because I felt that the rich mushrooms needed something a bit more substantial.  Also, it is traditional that the first liquid added to the rice is wine so I added a cup of white wine to get the risotto started.  It was truly delicious and tomorrow for lunch I am having the leftover risotta cakes.  Form leftovers into patties, dredge in seasoned breadcrumbs and fry until crisp.  Delicious.

I held off on the souffles as I am having a dinner party next weekend and I felt that they would be the perfect ending for the menu I planned so I will be making them later in the week.