It is funny because just this past week I was watching reruns of the French Chef and Julia was making English Muffins.  I found it interesting because I never think about making things like English Muffins.  They are always reserved for the buy at the store category.  Julia kept saying how once you made your own you would never want to eat store bought again.  I filed it away in the “I must try this file” and almost forgot about it until I read this weeks menu.  Here was my chance to try my hand at English muffins.  Well, as usual, Julia was right.  They are very easy to make and very very good to eat.  The dough goes together in a snap and can sit and wait for you until you are ready to cook the muffins.  I did it early in the morning Saturday and then was running all day doing shopping and errands and then I came home that evening, they were all ready for me to cook.  Just a few minutes in a frying pan on the stove and they were done and ready for breakfast the next morning.  You could easily make the dough before bed and leave it in the refrigerator to rise overnight and make them in the morning while the coffee brews.  No matter how you do them, they are easy and well worth the few minutes of effort.

As I have stated many times before, I absolutely hate eggs.  Luckily, Norman likes them so I was able to make Eggs Benedict as a special treat for him for breakfast and he really liked them.  His only negative comment was that the muffins were a bit chewy but that was the thing I liked most about them.  They had that nice chewiness that store bought muffins lacked.  At any rate, he was very pleased with his special breakfast and since I love hollandaise sauce, in spite of the eggs, I made myself a big plate of Eggless Benedict.  It was delicious and a real treat for me as well.