While I try to avoid fried foods as much as possible, I do have to admit to a guilty pleasure, these zucchini sticks and mozzarella sticks.  I just love this fried morsels while watching movies or on rainy afternoons while I am lounging around reading a book.  I simply can’t help myself.  I even sometimes buy those frozen sticks and bake them instead of frying them but I do love them.  And, it is a great way to use up that glut of zucchini in the summer when you just can’t stand another bite of zucchini bread.  These are terrific.  The cheese and lemon zest added to the bread crumbs ands a light note on what can sometimes be a heavy snack.  These were just delicious.  I made a double batch of them because I wanted to snack on them for lunch tomorrow as well. 

I have been craving this goulash all week when I saw it on the menu for this weeks cooking.  I remember the Hungarian Goulash soup we made several months back.  I have made it many times since.  This goulash is equally as easy to make as the soup and every bit as good it not more so.  I love the richness the paprika adds to the simple ingredients.  The long slow braise makes the chuck fork tender and the melting onions and peppers flavor the dish perfectly.  The addition of sour cream at the end is the final high note smoothing out and mingling all those wonderful rich flavors.  Since the only real work is browning the meat and a bit of vegetable prep, I imagine that with a few tweaks this could easily be adapted for the slow cooker which would make it even easier for weeknight dinners.