I have been away for a few weeks and it is good to be back in the kitchen.  I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to do this recipe.  Anyone who has read before will know that I hate shrimp and am not a big fan of eggs either so I had to think twice before I decided to go ahead with this recipe. I am of course familiar with Pad Thai but it is not something I have ever made before.  I decided to make it for lunch on Saturday and asked a few neighbors over to try it out.  The results were unanimous, everyone loved it.  I was very pleased.  I thought it was a delicious although it is not something I would eat often because of the shrimp thing but I figured I could use chicken or pork instead and although it wouldn’t be authentic, I could still get the flavor without having to deal with the shrimp.  I will try it sometime and keep you posted.

This fruit salad is simply marvelous.  It is so simple to make, can be done ahead, it light and refreshing and the lime/ginger dressing packs a nice punch without going over the top.  It is wonderful for a summer luncheon.  I actually have eaten it twice now.  I had to sneak back into the kitchen last night for another taste.  I really, really loved it that much.  I couldn’t find any pomegranate, seems to be out of season of something but I substituted dried cranberries in my salad and I think they really added a nice tart bite to the smooth, mild fruits. You all need to try this one.