This months Avid Bakers Challenge was Flo’s Buttermilk Cake.  This is the kind of recipe that Flo really excels at, a basic, fine textured cake that just screams for you to play around with it.  My initial thought was to make this cake with a rich buttercream and do some fancy decorating but upon reading through the recipe I saw that Flo baked the cake in a square pan and that to me just screamed coffee cake.  Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that I just love to have these grab and go snack cakes on hand for coffee or when friends drop by.  I decided to follow Flo’s lead and make the cake plain and then just add a simple glaze to it. 
I opted for a simple brown sugar glaze which is nothing more than brown sugar, butter, water and eggs which is boiled, cooled and then beaten until it is a pouring consistency.  I just poured it over the cake and let it ooze down over the sides and then just sprinkled it with some turbinado sugar for a nice crunch.  I was quite happy with the results and while it certainly doesn’t look like much, I can assure you that it is truly delicious.  As a matter of fact, the cake didn’t stick around very long and I was back in the kitchen making a second one.  For the second go around, I decided to once again go with the coffee cake aspect but this time I made a simple cinnamon struesel topping and I added a layer of that to the cake and then just dusted it with powdered sugar.  It was truly wonderful. (sorry no pictures of this one).  That just proved to me that this is one very versatile cake and one that should be in every bakers repertoire.  I am going to try it with one of the fancy buttercreams and dress it up with some nice piping work for my next dinner party.  Everyone has to try this one at least once and let your imagination run wild with it.