It is restaurant week here in San Diego so we are dining out most of the week in an attempt to try a lot of those restaurants that we talk about trying and somehow never get around to going to.  I did, however, manage to make these enchiladas for lunch so that I could kick out the new season of Gutsy Cooks Club.

I have to admit that I am not much of a Mexican food enthusiast.  So much of it seems to me to be the same ingredients just layered together in a different way but I chalk that up to my midwest upbringing where the concept of Mexican food was Taco Bell.  Here in San Diego, a lot of what we get as Mexican is just Tex-Mex and not authentic so…  I am a great admirer of Rick Bayless and thought it would be fun to give a few of his recipes a try.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather.  I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed these.  Neither could anyone else as a matter of fact.  Anyone who knows me around here knows that I am not all that fond of Mexican food and how I go out of my way to eat anything else but Mexican food.  The recipe was simple to put together, it had a bit of prep work such as roasting the peppers and grilling the chicken but essentially it was a bechamel sauce made with milk and chicken stock and a little garlic.  The roasted peppers and spinach are processed in the blender with half of the bechamel and the chicken is stirred into the remaining bechamel.  Then the filled tortillas are rolled and placed on a bed of the green sauce, topped with more sauce and cheese and baked until warmed through.  They were delicious. 

At first bite I thought they were just a bit bland and then the roasted peppers kicked in and you get that hit of heat and smoothness from the sauce.  I brought some to a few of my Hispanic friends and they were knocked out by just how good they were too.  I have heard for years how Rick supposedly makes authentic Mexican food and now I have had it confirmed.  I liked them so much that I made a detour to the library today after work to pick up a few more of Ricks books to see what other surprises he had in store for me.