I was intrigued by this recipe.  I like the way Middle Eastern food has the subtle interplay of savory and sweet with the use of fruits in savory dishes. I am also a lifelong fan of lentils so any recipe that uses lentils is a recipe that I want to sample.  The results I am afraid to say were rather disappointing.  The overall dish was rather bland.  I found myself continuously adding salt and pepper to try to give it some taste.  Other than the occasional hit of date or raisin the dish was totally tasteless.  There was way too much rice for the dish and the rice was very mushy due to the pre-cooking of the rice and then the rather long cooking of the dish after it is assembled.  The lentils seemed to disappear into the dish and they also became mushy because of the pre-cooking and then cooking of the assembled dish.  This could really benefitted from some garlic and nutmeg.  I was also stumped when the recipe says it serves 4.  I ended up with an amount that could have easily served 10.  I assume that this is a sort of pilaf and is meant to be served as a side dish.  All in all I was disappointed but I may try it again and jazz up the spices as well as cut the recipe in half.