Avid readers will already know about my fondness for pound cake.  I would rather have pound cake than just about any other dessert in the world.  I love having it on hand to dress up for company or a weekend dessert, toasted for breakfast or just as a grab on the run snack.  I have several go to pound cake recipes that I make weekly but never miss the opportunity to try out a new recipe for my beloved snack cake.  This recipe does not disappoint.  It is rich and moist with a nice change of texture and nutty flavor from the frangipane layers. 

I made my own almond paste for this recipe and it is much thinner than store bought almond paste so I have to admit that it sort of melted into the cake batter instead of baking into a separate rippled layer.  There was a small ripple layer visible and although it isn’t as visually pleasing as I would have hoped, it certainly does deliver on flavor.  The almond frangipane layer is a delightful contrast to the rich, chocolately cake.  I am not a huge fan of chocolate pound cakes but this one was a pleasant surprise.  The chocolate does not overwhelm the rich, buttery smoothness that you come to expect from a pound cake.  While the texture of this one is not as dense as a traditional pound cake, it does maintain the firm, smooth texture that you want from pound-cake.  Definitely worth making and making more than once.