I took a bit of artistic license here as in my house, no one will even go near a piece of chicken if it isn’t a boneless, skinless chicken breast. I opted to get boneless, skinless chicken thighs. I knew that this would compromise the recipe a bit but it was either that or make the dish and throw away the uneaten heathen chicken thighs. As the thigh meat was boneless and skinless, I brined it for about 30 minutes just to make sure that it would stay moist during the cooking process. To my surprise, the thigh meat was tender, moist and very delicious.

I found this recipe to be very simple to prepare so it is perfect for a hectic weeknight supper. The glaze and marinade can be made ahead and the chicken can sit in the marinade all night and throughout the following day, waiting to be dinner. I served the chicken with grilled polenta slices, baby green peas and a nice crisp green salad. It was a perfect hectic Saturday night supper. I used some of the pan juices to toss my peas in after they were cooked and they added a nice tart taste to the tender peas.