So Easy, So Quick, and yet So Good.

Those of you who have cooked with me for awhile know that I am no shrinking viotet when it comes to offering up my opinion. I am not now, ever have been, or ever will be a fan of any sort of Marha Stewart. I have spent the better part of the last 10 -15 years avoiding absolutely anything having to do with her. I have never picked up one of her books or magazines, watched a single episode of any of her shows, or bought anything that bears her name. So, you can imagine what I am going through now having to swallow my pride and not only admit to having made one of her recipes but actually liking it. No easy task I must admit. At any rate, this was good. I made them during the week and we had some neighbors over for cocktails and they fit right in on my hors d’oeuvre table and were well received by everyone.

I did make a few changes. Several years back I took it upon myself to master puff pastry. Pounds of flour and butter later I felt that I had indeed mastered it. (Lucky for me, even failures are salvageable so nothing went to waste.) I now make puff pastry every few months so I always have it in the freezer and I definitely used my own here.

I also wanted to up the tomato flavor so I added diced sun-dried tomatoes to the mix and used the oil they are packed in in place of the olive oil. I doubled the cheese simply because in my household we prefer more cheese to sauce on anything requiring the combination. This resulted in a much darker brown top than pictured in the recipe but I found it visually appealing and certainly very very tasty.

All in all I very much enjoyed these little tidbits and see myself making them again. Maybe changing the cheese. I am also envisioning a version of them with tapenade and feta. I never tire of that combination.



Pretty happy around here today.