I have become quite a big fan of pork over the past few years.  This recipe is just marvelous for showcasing the mild taste of pork roast.  It makes excellent dinner party fare as well as being perfect for a buffet table.  The roast can be stuffed and tied and all prep work completed hours in advance and the roast held in the refrigerator until it is time to put it in the oven.


I took a bit of license here and substituted pork tenderloin for the loin roast called for.  I just happen to prefer tenderloin. It required a few minutes of extra prep time but I felt was well worth the small effort.  Since tenderloin usually comes in two pieces I needed to butterfly each piece and pound the meat to an even thickness to accommodate  rolling.  Then I just added the fruit stuffing, rolled the roast and tied it as called for in the recipe.  The rest of the cooking was as stated in the recipe.  I found that the fruit stuffing accentuated the pork without taking away from it’s substantial flavor.  The madeira and molasses basting sauce is the perfect complement for the meat and fruit and makes an excellent pan sauce when reduced a bit and enriched with a little butter.


I paired the pork roast with a pilaf of brown and wild rices with toasted pine nuts, currants, orange zest, orange juice, chopped parsley and olive oil.  I found that this complimented the meat extremely well.  This was also accompanied with soy glazed snow peas which added a nice crispness to the meal.