I was looking forward to this recipe.  We are very fond of Tahini around here and I was excited to come across this recipe when I was reading through an old cookbook.  This comes from Todd English’s book The Olives Table which is a volume I have had for many years and never really paid close attention too.  I was excited to find after many years of not looking at the book that it contains a myriad of wonderful recipes.


This can easily be a weeknight dinner recipe if you remember to thaw the chicken and get it into the marinade the night before.  The marinade is very simple,  just put all the ingredients in a food processor and blend for a few seconds and then put the chicken in and set it in the refrigerator.  The sauce is also very quick.  Just a few ingredients that are sautéed for a few minutes and then yogurt stirred in.  It can be made ahead and then just warmed before service.


I have to admit that while I was making the chicken that I feared it would be a bit bland.  The chicken browns nicely but I had an image in my mind that it would be this dark crusty chicken, I have no idea why that image was so clear in my mind.  In reality it looks just like any other sautéed chicken breast but the flavor is wonderful with just the slightest hint of the nutty tahini and the meat is incredibly moist.  The sauce is the crowning glory to the recipe with the light tanginess of the yogurt and the bright fresh taste of the scallions all topped off with a mild sweet undertone of honey.  It is marvelous and I think it would go great with vegetables and fish as well.


I served it with wild rice and honey glazed sugar snap peas and it made a wonderfully light but filling Saturday night supper.