I just don’t think that bananas are really given a fair shake when it comes to desserts.  Aside from the occasional pudding or cream pie they really don’t show up on the dessert table very often and that is really a shame because they really have a lot to offer in a dessert.  As a child banana cake with chocolate frosting was one of my favorite cakes and I still can’t resist a big piece of it,  Banana cream pie remains one of my all time favorites.


This cake certainly delivers on the bananas in a dessert category.  The cake is totally gluten free as it uses a combination of almond, brown rice, potato and coconut flours and honey serves as a sweetener here.  I splurged and used a jar of wonderful mango honey that I got this past summer at the farmers market from the local bee keeper and have been saving for a special occasion.  I think this cake certainly lives up to the challenge.  The cake base is resplendent with bananas, pineapple and nuts.  It is a dense cake but is super moist and holds up well for torting,

The filling is a wonderful cream cheese frosting which is lightened with sweetened whipped cream and is cloud like in appearance and heaven on the palate.  The special treat here is the addition of a nut dacquoise layer which is loaded with pecans and almonds and adds just the right amount of texture to the extremely light filling.

The cake is baked and torted into three thin layers.  It is then doused with vanilla syrup and a thick layer of cream cheese filling is added.  This layer is topped with sliced bananas and then the dacquoise layer is added and topped with more cream cheese filling.  The second cake layer is added followed by more syrup, filling and bananas before the final cake layer is applied, drenched in syrup and the top is covered with more frosting.  When ready to finish the cake, it is entirely frosted with the cream cheese frosting and the sides are covered with sliced almonds.  Then the cake is decorated as desired and it is ready for service.

First Layer


Second Layer


An extraordinary cake indeed.