We are very fond of Chicken Kiev in my house but not found of all the oil it takes to deep fry it and we are all trying to cut down on the amount of fried foods we are eating these days.  I have had a craving for Chicken Kiev for the past week and have been thinking of ways to make it without all the oil and butter.  Today I was rummaging through the refrigerator and found a few ingredients that I had on hand and an idea started forming about a way to make a mock Kiev.

I took some goat cheese and mixed it with some chopped Italian parsley, salt, pepper and chopped roasted red peppers.  I then spread it on some thinly sliced smoked turkey that I had on hand for sandwiches.  I rolled this up into a tight package.  Then I took my chicken breasts and cut a deep pocket into them and stuffed the cheese bundles inside.  I rolled the breasts up as tightly as I could.  Then I dredged them in seasoned flour and then into a bit of cream beaten with an egg and then dunked the whole thing into fresh toasted bread crumbs.  Then I baked the chicken for about 30 minutes at 325.  I just kept checking it with an instant read thermometer until the chicken was fully cooked.



I served the chicken with Risotto made from Arborio rice, white wine and chicken stock and then added peas during the last 5 minutes of cooking.  In Italian this is called Risi e Bisi and it has always been a favorite of mine since childhood.  On the side I served some steamed green beans with an oil and wine vinegar vinaigrette and sprinkled them with some sliced almonds.

For some reason the combination of goat cheese and roasted peppers reminded me of the foods we eat when we visit the Northern California wine country and my favorite area in the region is Sonoma County so I doubted it Sonoma Kiev.  I’m not sure exactly how much healthier it really is but I felt better that I didn’t fry it and it certainly satisfied my craving for Chicken Kiev.