topThis is going to be a rather short post as I have just returned from holiday travel and there are a million things to get finished this weekend.


reasy to bakeI have said many times in the past few years that as I get older my taste for chocolate seems to have diminished.  Still, I want to have a few good chocolate recipes in my repertoire since many people like chocolate more than any other dessert.  This cake fills the bill very nicely.  This cake is like eating a chocolate cloud.  It is so light it is one of those melt in your mouth cakes.  When I eat chocolate cake, I prefer one that is made with cocoa instead of melted chocolate as they just seem to be lighter and more flavorful.  If you didn’t want to go through the trouble of making the caramel whipped cream, or if you are one of those people who is terrified of making caramel, this is a cake that is easily adapted to other flavors.  I think it would be great with whipped cream and cherries or raspberries.  Even simpler would be to just make the ganache and whipped cream and it would be spectacular.  Definitely a nice, versatile, all purpose chocolate cake.

bakedWhile the initial recipe may seem daunting and time consuming, it is actually quite manageable.  The cake goes together in nothing flat and while it is baking, there is plenty of time to make the ganache and the caramel.  By the time the cake has cooled the ganache and caramel whipped cream are ready to assemble the cake.

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