Pasta DoughRollingMy pasta pantry was getting dangerously low on sauce and homemade pasta so I thought I would take advantage of the long holiday weekend to replenish it.  It was really a rather bittersweet day as making pasta always reminds me of being at home in the kitchen with my mom while she taught me how to make and roll the pasta dough and how to fill and shape all the various pastas.  Today was no exception.  I miss you mom.

MachineI made 15 quarts of sauce, about 30 meatballs, 200 ravilioli, 6 dozen lasagne noodles, 5 pounds of spaghetti, 4 pounds of cavatelli and 3 pans of lasagne.  That should keep us going for about  8 months.

SaucemeatballsRolled PastaLasagne noodlesDryingRackRavioli  The freezer and pantry are full again and my feet are screaming for me to sit down and put them up.  At least I have a hearty baked lasagne to look forward to for dinner tonight.

LasagneThere really is nothing like homemade pasta to remind you of your mom.