IMG_5012I still had limes left from the holiday weekend and decided to finish them off with this pie.  It is a combination of lime pie and coconut cream pie.  This is another recipe from Dorie Greenspan.

Once again, this pie uses a simple graham cracker crust, baked and cooled.  Combine cream and sweetened shredded coconut.  Bring to a boil and then stir until the mixture is reduced by half and thickened.  Set aside to cool.

IMG_4985IMG_4988For the lime cream, beat egg yolks until pale and light.  Beat in sweetened condensed milk just until incorporated.  Beat in lime juice until incorporated.

IMG_4990Scrape the coconut cream onto the prepared pie shell and smooth.  Pour the lime cream over the coconut layer.  Bake the pie for 15 minutes.  Then cool completely and freeze for at least an hour.

IMG_4990The recipe calls for a meringue topping into which sweetened coconut has been folded.  As with the lime pie, I don’t care for meringue so I once again substituted sweetened whipped cream.  I toasted the shredded coconut and scattered it over the cream as a final flourish.

IMG_5014While I am not a huge fan of coconut and don’t like coconut cream pie at all, I thought this pie was wonderful.  The lime and coconut complimented each other perfectly.  There wasn’t one distinct flavor but a smooth mellowness that was tart but with just the right amount of sweetness.  Wonderful for a hot summer evening.