IMG_5067I don’t really know what sparked this pie baking frenzy that I have been in the last few weeks but here is another pie I just had to try.  This one comes from the book “Baked Explorations” by Matt Lewis and Renato Piliafito.  I have their first book “Baked” and am a huge fan of their recipes.  I picked this book up at the library and I have to say it is loaded with wonderful must try recipes.  For some reason I saw this pie and it immediately sparked memories of school lunches and Sunday picnics and lazy summer afternoons when I was a kid.  It is one of those old-fashioned, homey type recipes that you want to make for no other reason the “just because”

While at first glance you might think that it will be sickly sweet and induce an enormous case of sugar rush, it is really a nice mellow sweetness and not at all overly sweet.  Still, serve it in moderation as it is very rich.

This pie has a crumb crust but this time it is a vanilla wafer and butter crust.  Vanilla wafers and bananas are just such a natural pairing for me.  Who doesn’t remember banana pudding with vanilla wafers floating in it?  While I do have a rather unnatural aversion to cookies, especially store-bought cookies, I do have a rather childlike fondness for vanilla wafers.

IMG_5059Next comes a layer of thick, rich vanilla pudding topped with a layer of sliced bananas.  This is topped by a thick creamy layer of peanut butter, cream cheese and whipped cream fluff.  The whole thing is topped off by sweetened whipped cream and sliced bananas and if that wasn’t enough, a final flourish of chocolate covered peanuts.  A total childhood dream of a dessert.