IMG_5094White cake has always been my favorite of all the cakes.  It was the cake that I asked for on every birthday or any other special event in my life.  My mother always made the Silver White Cake from her Betty Crocker cookbook, which I have and still make.  This recipe is from the Time-Life Series, the Good Cook (see recipe section) and was introduced to me by my friend and baking instructor Amy Malone.  I had the series of books on my shelf for years but other than looking at the pictures I never really looked at the recipes until Amy told me about this cake.  She made it for one of our decorating classes and I was hooked.  It has become my all time favorite white cake recipe.

IMG_5095It is a creamed butter cake that also includes vanilla and just a 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract which adds just a subtle sweetness without overpowering this delicate cake.  It is easily adapted for tiered cakes and perfect as a wedding cake.  Years ago when I was doing wedding cakes it was my go to recipe for those who preferred a white cake.  It pairs wonderfully with a multitude of different fillings and frostings.  My favorite here is a classic vanilla buttercream and a bit of raspberry puree filling.