IMG_5111The very name of this cake just begs the question “Is there such a thing as too much chocolate?”  In my case the answer is a resounding Yes.  I have said it many times of the past few years.  The older I get, the less tolerance I seem to have for chocolate.  I very rarely crave it anymore and when I do, the smallest piece will satisfy my craving.  While I loved the varying textures of this cake, I simply found it too intense and too chocolate for my liking.

IMG_5109I am a huge fan of composed cakes.  There is just something about them that lets you work them into your schedule so much more easily than other desserts.  Components can be made ahead and stored and then in just a few minutes you can assembly the whole thing and have a wonderful dessert.  Such is the case here.  The cake just left me wondering about all sorts of different combinations.  I think it was mainly an attempt to cut some of the intensity.  I just needed a break from all this chocolate.  I thought it might be fun to do the chocolate oblivion with milk chocolate and maybe experiment with the ganache a bit.  Green and Blacks Aztec Gold orange flavored chocolate came to mind right away.  Then I thought maybe mint, raspberry, strawberry or even cherry.  All food for thought.

With all that being said, my tasting panel just loved this cake.  Not a crumb was left after we all got together for cake and coffee.  They oohed and aahed all over the place while I was the only one not bowled over by it.  Just goes to show that we all have our own taste and likes and dislikes. And after all that I forgot to take a picture of us enjoying a slice.

The Chocolate Oblivion

IMG_5102IMG_5104IMG_5105The Deep Chocolate Passion


IMG_5103IMG_5106IMG_5107IMG_5108The Finished Product