IMG_4171 - CopyI got to thinking about my mom this holiday weekend.  While this isn’t a traditional 4th of July type recipe, it certainly does conger up memories of my mom.  This was one of her specialties and my sister and I used to look forward to it all the time.  As a child I remember sitting up on the counter watching her make this tea ring and it was agony waiting for it to be finished.  It seemed like it took forever for it to be ready.  It still does take awhile to make but at least now I understand why it takes so long, rising dough.  I guess some things just never change.  I was so anxious to dig into it that I didn’t wait for it to cool completely and my glaze melted and ran off but no matter, it is still as delicious as when my mom so lovingly made it for us.

This recipe is from the Betty Crocker cookbook.  I remember looking through that book all the time while my mom cooked dinner or baked something special.  I loved looking at all the pictures of the cakes and asking her to make them for me.  This is a yeasted dough which is then filled with a date-nut filling.  It is rolled and made into a ring and then snipped with scissors and spread out.  Once it is baked my mom always drizzled on a confectioners sugar glaze and added the cherries.  We loved it and still do.