IMG_5402I seem to have been struck with tart mania the last few weeks.  I found beautiful sweet cherries at the market this week and decided that instead of just eating them out of hand as I usually do when they are in season, I would make a cherry tart.

IMG_5396This is really more of an assembly job than anything else.  Just make a few standard components and assemble the tart.  The only baking needed is to blind bake the tart shell which only takes about 30 minutes.  For my tart I made my favorite short pastry, my best creme patissiere and prepared the cherries.

IMG_5397It is a bit of work as the cherries need to be washed, dried, stemmed, pitted and sliced but if you get a rhythm going it moves along quite quickly.  My rhythm is usually listening to Madonna, reliving the glorious 80s and dancing around the kitchen while I work.  Admittedly listening to Madonna, dancing around wherever I am and reliving the 80s is pretty much a daily activity for me so this was a no-brainer.

IMG_5398Once the components are made, chilled and blind baked, just fill the shell with the creme pat, arrange the cherries on top however you like and give it a nice glaze with strained cherry jam.  I flavored my creme pat with vanilla and kirsch but experiment as you like.  I think it turned out beautifully and was a nice way to savor cherry season.