IMG_5436Yet another foray into the world of Mary Berry.  The more I see her, read about her and bake her recipes I am finding myself becoming more and more enamored with this delightful lady.  Her recipes are straightforward and uncomplicated (at least most of them) and can be pulled together in under an hour to have a nice snack or dessert on the table quickly.

Mary calls this one an old-fashioned family cake and she is right.  It reminds me of the cakes my mom used to make for us.  Nothing complicated just simple, honest and good.  It isn’t much to look at, no fussy, fancy decoration.  Just gobs of sticky white frosting and a scattering of walnuts.

IMG_5435This has to be the easiest cake I have ever made.  All the ingredients are measured into the mixing bowl and it is mixed until the ingredients are combined.  Then divided equally between three 8 inch cake pans and baked for 30 minutes.  There is nothing in it but flour, sugar, butter, eggs and walnuts.  I had it in the oven in under 15 minutes.

Mary calls the frosting for this cake American Frosting.  My mom used to call it sea-foam frosting.  I know it as Italian Meringue.  No matter what it is called I admit to never having had a fondness for the stuff.  It is too sweet, too sticky, too marshmallowy.  Just too much.  With that being said, it does work very well on this cake.  The cake has a nice moist crumb and isn’t at all sweet, but redolent with the walnuts as it should be.  Truth be told I would prefer this cake plain with just a dusting of confectioners sugar or cocoa but it is truly very good and old-fashioned.