topIs there anyone who doesn’t like sticky buns?  I honestly have never met anyone who doesn’t.  These buns are no exception.  Made with buttery brioche dough, they are not your typical mile high, covered in goo sticky buns.  While they take a bit of advanced planning and they aren’t as big as the usual sticky buns, they have that wonderful fill the room with cinnamon scent and that glorious melt in your mouth feel that you can only get with a yeast dough.

Only a few years ago I had a total aversion to brioche.  I hated that it tasted so eggy and always seemed to leave that strange aftertaste on your palate.  It wasn’t until I started testing recipes for this book that I fell in love with the stuff.  It must be Rose’s brioche recipe because no other brioche recipe I have tried ever changed my mind about that off putting taste.  Now I am a total fan of brioche and these buns do the recipe proud.  The only change I can even suggest for this recipe is to double or even triple it because they don’t stay around long and there never seems to be enough of them


The brioche recipe is fairly straightforward.  A simple started of flour, water, sugar, yeast and egg is made.  The dough mixture of flour, sugar, yeast and eggs is then sprinkled over it and allowed to ferment for a few hours.  The dough is then kneaded and given its rise.  Once risen the dough is chilled and then rolled and filled and cut into buns.

risen doughfoldsOnce the dough is rolled the filling of raisins, rum, water, pecans, brown sugar, sugar and cinnamon is sprinkled over it and the dough rolled up into a log and cut into buns.  The buns are placed on their sides in a cake pan and allowed to rise a second time.  They are then baked, brushed with a glazing syrup made from the reserved raisin soaking liquid and then a standard caramel sauce is poured over them and they are decorated with pecan halves.

rolledfillingcut bunsbaked2Caramel SauceTotal breakfast delight is what you get as a reward for your efforts.