TopI knew this one was going to be a hard sell around my house.  I love Stilton (any blue cheese for that matter).  Norman, on the other hand, hates it so I knew that he wasn’t even going to taste this.  As soon as he saw the book open on the counter and saw the recipe I got the “look”, which after 28 years I know translates to “Don’t even think that I am going to eat that”.  I wrote him off as a lost cause on this one and proceeded on to the recipe.  I admit here that I find that these baby cake kinds of things just don’t work around my house.  The recipe always makes too many for just the two of us (especially if one of us doesn’t like it) and it doesn’t make enough for me to bring to work and share with my co-workers so I always end up doubling or tripling the recipe. This time I just threw in the towel and made just one small cheesecake in my 6 inch spring form pan and adjusted the baking time as needed.

sideThe recipe is simple enough.  Toast the walnuts, grid them and press them into the bottom of the pan.  Combine sugar, cornstarch and salt, then blend in cream cheese.  Mix together sour cream and Stilton and then blend into the cream cheese mixture until blended.  Add the eggs and blend to combine.  Scrape onto the walnut base and bake until done.  Cool, chill and unmold.

bsefillingunbakedBakedSince Norman wouldn’t eat it I had some neighbors come over for a tasting panel.  I served small slices of this with fruit and didn’t tell them what was in it.  Everyone dug in enthusiastically and then I got the wide-eyed stares which meant, what is in this and why didn’t you warn us.  A few ate the entire slice.  Most stopped after one bite and pushed their plates away.  I guess I have to call this one a wash-out around my house.  I thought it was alright but I have other savory type cheesecakes in my repertoire that I much prefer to this.  I should try the full on savory version and see how that goes over.